One of my favorite discoveries through weight loss has been the amazing options of hosiery out there once you are no longer on the “plus-size” side of the store.

I got these hot pink ombre tights at Target at the end of January, on clearance for $1.48. They are Xhilaration brand in a size medium/tall. When I brought them home, they fit, but they made the fat on my upper thighs look like sausages and I was afraid that wearing them all day would stress them to the max. I imagined them bursting, like meat casing that was stuffed too full.



My dress really wasn’t that short; I hiked it up so you could see the dip-dyed effect

I shoved them in the drawer and figured they’d fit comfortably eventually. It was when I was getting dressed this morning that I realized I’d thrown out my go-to black tights because they had gotten baggy and looked like elephant skin. So I decided to give them a try.

You just can’t have a bad day in hot pink tights. I swear.

Fashion: The icing on top of a healthy lifestyle.