I was a carboholic last week, eating whole wheat pasta almost every day! By the time Saturday rolled around, I was ready for something lighter, something fresher. On Saturday evening, I made a giant salad with leftover chicken breast — it was so big, it filled a dinner plate. I actually eat everything at home off of a salad plate. Once you get used to it, a dinner plate will seem enormous.

I was so hungry after working at my part-time gig, going to the gym and dress and grocery shopping that there are no photos of the enormous salad.

On Sunday, though, I had a little more time. I got up, went to the gym and met a friend at this little country diner I’m going to be doing a feature on. I ordered a chicken salad — it was OK. Definitely not the healthiest chicken salad nor the best I’ve ever had. Let that be a lesson: At little country diners, just order the fries and a slice of pie, like you’re supposed to.

I did cave and get a piece of pie to go — it was lemon meringue, but they dyed it green for St. Patrick’s Day!


I came home, ate the pie and cleaned until it was time to meet another friend at one of my favorite state parks. I live within 20 minutes of two really gorgeous parks, and I’m convinced that the best thing about living in the mountains is being able to hike through them. The sun even came out — a rarity in mid-March in this area! So between gym time and the mini-hike, I didn’t feel too bad about the pie.

Dinner was a Boca bruschetta burger, tortilla chips and salsa, and a big pile of strawberries: