The best laid plans of mice and Ashley …

This week didn’t go quite as I’d planned. I knew gym time would be minimal, so I planned my meals carefully to try to make up for that. I wanted to eat light and fresh this week because my cousin’s wedding is Saturday, and I know everyone will be snapping away with their cameras. (And, let’s be honest — who doesn’t want to look their best at these pseudo reunions?)

Thursday night was by far my biggest downfall. I had a salad for lunch like I planned, but then I went to my young professionals’ meeting, where turnout was really disappointing compared to last month. So, I piled some wings on my plate to keep myself company.  And then the girl who sat at my table ordered cheese fries.  Oh, and then there were those two Bacardi Raz. Ugh!

The thing is, for the past four years I haven’t cut out anything; I’ve just tried to make smarter choices, and if I want wings and cheese fries, I have them and hit the gym extra hard the next day. But between the fatty foods and no time to work out, I was just so pissy this afternoon. I had to stop and ask myself — am I hungry? No. Tired? No. What did I want? To get on an elliptical and run like hell.

It’s funny, because four years ago I never would have even stopped to ask myself what was wrong. I would have thrown some pizza and beer at the mood and hoped for the best.

I probably won’t be able to do anything physical until at least Saturday evening, but my parents’ house is near a half-mile dirt track that I’m hoping to hit at least once this weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how long it would take me to get ready for a 5K race. There a bunch here in the summer — but there’s a big difference between running on indoor cardio equipment and running outside.

Thoughts on 5K preparation?