After a weekend of indulgence, it felt great to get back into my usual eating/gym routine today. I snacked on my usual fruits and yogurt at work (although some evil individual brought in some delicious peanut brittle, and I had a few bites), ate the lunch I packed and made Southwestern turkey sloppy joes when I got home.

I do my weekly grocery shopping based on which healthy foods are on sale. I’d say planning it all out takes maybe 45 minutes, between scanning sale flyers, cutting coupons and flipping through cookbooks. Ground turkey was on sale this week, 3 lbs for $5. I am lucky that I can make one to two dishes for the week for lunches and dinners and not get bored or sick of it. For me, knowing exactly what I’m eating is much more reassuring than trying to mix it up.

The turkey meatloaf I made was pretty basic: ground turkey, quick oats, chopped red onion, barbecue sauce and light sweet onion salad dressing. It’s really good, with that sweet onion barbecue flavor, but I think it could use something else.

I’m most proud of the sloppy joes I whipped up tonight because I got the idea from looking through cookbooks, but there was no exact recipe for what I made.



I browned about a pound of the ground turkey with one of those taco seasoning packets (you know, flavored sodium). Then I added chopped red onions and green peppers, and once it was all cooked, I used taco sauce to make them “sloppy.” When I make this again, I might add black beans and corn to the mix.

The bun is one of those new 100-calorie Sandwich Thins, and let me tell you, they are the best thing since sliced bread. (Hahahah!) They are pricey — around $3 for eight — but I’m going to see if Wal-Mart carries them for less because they are just perfect. 100 calories for the perfect size bun that tastes delicious. I want to try the other varieties, too. Hopefully there’ll be coupons in the Sunday paper soon, but even if there aren’t, this might become one of my non-negotiables.

At the gym, I did 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, and it felt great. I didn’t even check the time until 23 minutes in, and usually I start to feel it around minute 17. I did 20 minutes at 3.5 mph at a 10 percent incline on the treadmill, and it really felt like nothing — I was chattering away for about 8 of those minutes.

I also did my arms routine in the weight room, but I’m starting to get discouraged with it. My arms are definitely smaller, but they are not going to look like Kelly Ripa’s arms before I have to don a bridesmaid’s dress on May 9.