Today was a hungry day.  I hate that.

I usually know exactly when to expect hungry days, because they are tied to PMS. I don’t get too freaked out because they’re like clockwork, it’s a few days and it’s over and done, and it has never resulted in a weight gain.

Today, though, I was hungry for no apparent reason. And I was apparently still asleep when I was packing my lunch, because I cut the smallest portion of turkey meatloaf ever — it wouldn’t have satiated me on a normal day. This resulted in a trip to the vending machine, where I paid 85 cents for 210 calories worth of Sun Chips. Ugh.

I’m far enough along in my healthy living adventure that one day doesn’t get me down. When I was just starting out, I was very all-or-nothing, and would have probably come home and ordered a pizza. But it seems like when one wellness component is out of whack, they all fall apart.

The hunger led to anger and frustration, which I’d hoped to take out at kickboxing — finally, a Tuesday night free! The first in months! But my favorite instructor is recovering from neck surgery, and it felt like the class was in slow motion. Double ugh. I was so fed up I actually left before class was over, which I’ve never done.

What do you do to make sure tomorrow will be better?