The good: I’m speaking at Career Day today!

The bad: It’s raining. I straighten my hair. That’s like adding oxygen to a fire. POOF!

The iffy: Business lunch at Red Lobster.

I’ve scouted their menu and they do have what they call the Lighthouse menu with healthy options (I’m sucker for a cute title like that) but everything on it is seafood. The only seafood I like is crab legs, and I’m not about to rip apart crab joints and suck the meat at a business lunch. (And it’s too bad, because it looks like a pound of crab legs has less than 300 calories … before the butter dipping sauce.)

The maple-glazed chicken may be an option, or the chicken Caesar salad. Neither is ideal. But I won’t be having my morning snack and will probably skip the afternoon snack, too, depending on how full I am.

I almost wish I hadn’t looked — they have soup in sourdough breadbowls! I’ll be thinking of that all morning.