Well, the business lunch ended up at Olive Garden after some confusion. I caved and went with my favorite, the cheese ravioli. I look at the nutrition facts when we got back to the office; the lunch portion had around 530 calories. Not good, not terrible. But then there was the wedding soup and the one bread stick. I shouldn’t have had any bread sticks, but one is far preferable to the four or five I’d have eaten before.

I felt lethargic all afternoon, though, from the heavy pasta. I bounced around as much as I could at my part-time gig, but it was slow tonight.

Career Day went great! In each group you could tell that there were two or three kids who were truly interested in what we had to say. I hope we get some job shadowers out of it.

I saw a man I knew from a story I wrote last year, on his daughter.  I stopped by his table to say hi, and he didn’t even say “How are you?” He went right for “You have lost a lot of weight!” I said thanks and gave him my usual spiel: It’s been in the works for a long time and I still have a long way to go. He told me I looked great and then dropped this line:

“You look 10 years younger!”

I didn’t even know what to say. When I met his family I was not at my highest weight. I just said, “Well, I am 24, so hopefully I look it now,” and went back to my table.

But what do you say to that? I know it was intended as a compliment, but I think it was almost as odd as when someone says “You look so good! I didn’t recognize you!” Um, thanks? Part of the transformation with me has been my hair color (from dark dark reddish brown to blonde), and then I started straightening it in November. I think that might throw people more than just the weight loss.

It’s a double-edged sword: You want people to recognize your progress, but at the same time, I always think, Man, I must have looked like hell before.