Last night, I walked into TJ Maxx and there. they. were.


Adidas and New Balance running shoes in different shades of pink, white and gray, $34.99.

I’ve been saying for awhile that when I got my income tax refund, the one splurge I’d be making was a new pair of sneakers. Mine were old, worn, and perhaps worst of all, too big. (Believe it or not, your feet shrink as you lose weight.) I thought I’d go to a store where they fit you, tell them about cardio classes, and drop $80 to $120.

But these … these were perfect. The shoes I’d probably choose for about half off. I tried on several different pairs and finally found the right fit and color combination — Adidas running shoes, size 9, pinkish purple accents on a white and gray shoe. But I had plans to take my car to the garage today and there was a chance it was going to need work in addition to the oil change (I’m neurotic about any little noise the car makes.) So with a heavy heart I put the shoes back on the shelf.

Well … wonder of wonders, the car is OK, and I was able to get the shoes. They feel so great, I can’t imagine how terrible my old ones must’ve been for my feet. They didn’t hurt, but these are like walking on air. I can even feel the difference on the elliptical.

I never thought I’d call a running shoe sexy, but …


What kind of sneakers do you wear? Do you prefer a specific brand? I’m wondering if cross-trainers wouldn’t have been better for me, but I’m very happy with these (0ne workout in).