I love cardio. Strength training,  not so much.

After 45 minutes of pretty intense intervals on the elliptical, I was feeling really good.  But it was late. I still had to go to the grocery. And I just hate standing there lifting weights. Or lunging and lifting weights. I just think it’s so boring, and you can’t zone out.

I mentioned before that I’m really concentrating on my arms because I’m in a wedding in May. I pushed myself into the weight room, thinking You’ll never have those Kelly Ripa arms if you don’t even try!

Once I got into it, it actually felt really good, and I did what I think was a pretty complete triceps workout. I can already feel it. The Kelly Ripa arms will come with time — I just want the flab off of there! I have this weird thing going on where there is definition in the bicep and fat hanging off the back of the arm, and it just pisses me off. (I guess I’ll have to channel that anger into strength training, eh?)

Which do you prefer: Cardio or strength training? And how do you make yourself do the one you like least?