I found a box of Betty Crocker Fiber One banana nut muffins at Ollie’s for 99 cents. They had a “best by” date of April 23.

Besides the price, I was drawn to the muffin because it looked tasty, had a high fiber content (obviously) and had about 160 calories per muffin, when eggs, vegetable oil and water are added to the muffin mix. I substituted applesauce for the vegetable oil, and the box includes instructions for substituting egg whites and egg-free products. I used real eggs, so I’m guessing my muffins came in around 150-155 calories.



The muffins were probably the easiest baked goods I’ve ever made.

As for taste, they’re sweet, which hits the spot, but the nut flavor leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste. They’re fairly filling, though a little on the small side for 150 calories. Although I’m wondering if I made mine too small — my batter made 15 instead of 12.

Would I buy them again? If they were 99 cents and there were another flavor to try, yes. Otherwise, no.