I’m already not feeling this week, and I haven’t even left the house yet! I think some goals will help keep me focused:

  • Today:  1 hour cardio, arms routine
  • Tuesday:  Kickboxing
  • Wednesday: I work Wednesday night, so I’m going to try to do my Legwork DVD in the morning (it has some great legs/abs moves)
  • Thursday:  45 minutes of cardio, arms
  • Friday: 1 hours cardio, legs/abs

All week:

  • No eating out, no matter how tasty it is or how many coupons I have!
  • Blog every day!
  • Do a little housework for 15 minutes every day so I don’t get to Friday and have a hot mess to deal with

I really wanted to do a lot more outside this week, but they’re calling for rain, hail and snow throughout.  I forgot to pick up peper spray anyway, and there’s supposedly a new pit bull on the loose in the neighborhood. Ugh.

How do you get through Monday?