I know this post makes me a terrible food blogger, but here goes. This is what I had for dinner tonight:



A bowl of Special K Chocolate Delight.

It’s poor planning on my part because I have several things in the freezer that, with a little planning, could’ve made a fine meal. But I’ve been lethargic and unmotivated because …


it effing snowed! In April! This was the view from my living room window this morning. It sounds crazy but it really  just sapped all of my motivation to plan and pack meals. So I grabbed a sandwich for lunch that was actually delicious: turkey, pepper jack, shredded lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle on whole wheat. No photo because I ate it at the office.

I did hit the gym Monday as planned, and Tuesday (which was wintry w hite winter swirling mess), though I opted out of kickboxing in favor of some treadmill time: 45 minutes at 3.8 mph on a 10 percent incline. It was a different workout than my elliptical intervals but it felt so good. I did a lot of stretching afterward and was glad I skipped kickboxing. I couldn’t take the risk of another wasted hour.

I’m going to be reading a lot of food blogs to get geared up for next week’s meals, though I’m guessing  Monday and Tuesday will feature ham sandwiches.

Where do you go for food inspiration?