This is Teri and me.


Teri and I do lots of things together: work, play, shop, laugh, cry, and mostly we just complain about life’s injustices. Tonight, though, we went to our minor league baseball team’s home opener.


Unfortunately, they got shut out 3-0, which brings their record to 0-7.

Still, the games are always a good time, and in no small part due to the food. There’s nothing healthy about it (they don’t even have salads or wraps or anything) but the burgers at this ballpark are just incredible.


The picture does it no  justice. They are just grilled burgers, but they are the best burgers ever, bar none.


Teri and I split an order of fries.

So, this evening was quite fun but not very healthy — I came home from work to change and then went straight to the ballpark. We walked around a little bit, but it was the most sedentary evening I’d had in awhile. But it was fun — I’m not going to regret it.

Besides, lunch was really healthy.


Whole grain penne pasta, mixed veggies and one link of turkey cheddar bratwurst cut up. I had this and a yogurt for lunch and skipped both my morning and afternoon snacks. I said it wasn’t the healthiest day!