I recently discovered and fell in love with Ziploc’s Zip n’ Steam bags. You can cook fresh chicken in the microwave! In minutes! Mine was a free sample, so I only got that one, but I used it to make a recipe I found in a Taste of Home magazine: Pizza Cheesy Chicken.

food 519 002

I was really leery of the Ziploc Zip n’ Steam, but I’ve raved about it to at least seven people. I’m going to price them at the grocery next time I’m there — I hope they aren’t too expensive.

As for the Pizza Cheesey Chicken, it was quite simple: boneless skinless breasts, cut into 1-inch cubes, cooked in the Zip ‘n Steam. Then you add pizza sauce, oregano, garlic powder and mozzarella (I used Kraft Fat Free, and it melted fine, which isn’t always the case with fat free cheese.)

I paired with some veggies for lunch yesterday. Not pictured: The giant tub of sliced strawberries I ate with this.

food 519 004

That is one of my lunch containers I snagged at Gabriel Bros.  for $1.99. It’s kinda juvenile but it packs up well.

food 519 005

(The pink plastic knife it came with has been long since lost.)

Today was a pretty crazy day at work. I started making calls for stories, and by an act of God several people got right back to me, so I was able to knock out a bunch of interviews today. But that I meant I didn’t have much time for lunch, so I stopped by Wendy’s for some semi-healthy (and cheap) fare. I had to run home to pick up a few things

food 519 006

Wendy’s Caesar side salad and small chili. I used the dressing on the salad, ditched the croutons (you wouldn’t believe how many calories they add) and crumbled four crackers and two hot sauce packets into the chili. This came to right around 400 calories, and I had a few spoonfuls of fat-free chocolate ice cream on my way out the door.

One of the interviews I went to this afternoon was on bra fitting, and I may take a first-person angle on it, so the photog snapped a few of me getting fitted. He e-mailed this one to me, and it’s so ridiculous, I have to share:


I don’t know what I was doing or saying. But the greatest irony is that I did not wear a bra today — that tank top provides full coverage and anymore, there really is just no need. Even at my heaviest I was never bigger than a smallish C. I measured a B today, but I think that may have more to do with the frightening side flab I’m fighting than actual breast tissue.