I think what I had was mild food poisoning, from what I read online. I had ordered a steak salad, and it wasn’t even an enormous portion, though it’s a regional thing here to put french fries on salads. I was uncomfortably full as soon as I put my fork down, and the fullness feeling got worse and worse all afternoon until it felt like cramping, and then I barely made it to the bathroom when I got home ….


But I got to thinking about germs and food safety and I’m guessing (purely guessing) it may have been something on the lettuce. The steak was well done. But the service at this little restaurant (which was so cute and quaint, too bad it sucked) was the worst. The worst. And I don’t even care that much about service. Keep my water glass filled and we’ll probably be OK.

Oh, and don’t give me food poisoning with your slacking food safety practices.

Anywho, I have plans to eat the healthy packed lunch that’s still at work, but it’s the receptionist’s last day and there may be a group lunch outing. This is what’s always been trickiest for me — balancing a healthy life with a real life.