My weekend didn’t go quite like I planned it — after my luncheon, I was supposed to spend the night at Melissa’s, my friend who got married a few weeks ago. But Melissa became deathly ill with some sort of flu Friday night! Joint pain, vomiting, upset stomach, the works, but I decided to take my chances because we don’t get to see each other that often. I stopped by for a bit to visit with her and her husband, Matt,  then hit the road.

0530 001

I took her these carnations. I hope you are feeling better, Melissa!

About an hour from Melissa’s house, I decided to stop for a bathroom break, mostly because I was bored. It was in a little town that I used to cover, and I gawked around but didn’t see anyone I knew. I got some junk food to keep me company for the rest of the trip.

0530 002

(Looking at these photos, it occurs to me I might want to put a half-second worth of thought into these pictures before I just snap away.)

So it wasn’t the bag of Skittles I’d been eyeing, but it was still a pretty stupid choice. Especially considering I wasn’t even that hungry, I just feared I might become hungry before I got home. I’d eaten quite a bit at the luncheon — they served the best roasted red potatoes I’ve ever had. I could’ve eaten a bucket! (OK, not really. But they were that good!)

To make up for all the garbage I ate yesterday, I went for a walk through the hills in my neighborhood (no pitbull sightings this morning — whew) and am headed to the gym shortly. I need to get groceries at some point today, too.