Hungry week is officially over. I know it happens like clockwork every month, and yet every month I forget what it’s like. But it’s over, and I’m in control (for another four weeks, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Today I accomplished something I haven’t in a close to a week: eating enough fruits and veggies and packing my lunch the night before.

For lunch I had one of those Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. I was a little leery of them at first, but for a frozen meal they are excellent. I only buy them when the grocery puts them on sale at $1.99. For lunch I had the grilled chicken marinara (with broccoli!) and I have the chicken red pepper alfredo waiting in the freezer for another day when I need an easy lunch option.

I never photograph my lunch when I eat at work, but I had a banana with the frozen meal and a light yogurt later on in the afternoon. I can’t imagine how I would even begin to explain it. I should have taken a photo of the cherries I ate throughout the night at my second job. They were so good! Expensive, but good.

By the end of the night, all I could thinkย about the wrap I was going to make when I got home. I cooked the chicken last night. I decided to make two so that my lunch for tomorrow was good to go.

0604 001

I spread them both with pesto. The red one is a sundried tomato flavored wrap; the other is my last whole wheat wrap I needed to use.

0604 002


I only ever use my dinner plates when I am making a wrap. They look so huge! I usually eat off of a salad plate. It was unwieldy to even eat off the dinner plate tonight.

0604 004

I paired the wrap with blue corn tortilla chips — Target’s Archer Farms organic tortilla chips were on sale. I’m a bargain shopper to the core, if you haven’t noticed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was all set to have strawberries with my dinner, until I came home and discovered they were moldy. I took the banana but ended up putting it back. I just wasn’t hungry enough for it.

Tomorrow will be an odd day — long hours and a split shift, but I am supposed to meet Liza for dinner and wear my new skirt, so I’m excited.