It was a long (and mostly unhealthy) day, and I’m pissy because I didn’t work out. So I will keep this short.

0605 001

The day began with a waste of time and money: a $2.43 sugar-free caramel latte from Sheetz. It took them approximately seven minutes to make and made me so jittery I felt like my eyeballs were vibrating.

0604 002

I ate the wrap I made last night for lunch.

0523 028

I met up with Liza for dinner before my assignment. This photo was actually taken last month. We didn’t take a new one because Liza was sick.

0605 002

We went to a small Italian place my cousin once raved about six years ago. I had the small stromboli. Not impressed. Not picture: the worst side salad, iceberg lettuce/frog flakes and three tomato slivers.

0605 003

I have no one but to blame but myself for my arm flab. The cannoli was almost as good as the ones I’ve had at Reading Terminal Market in Philly.

0605 005

And tonight I am celebrating my cat, Drama, for saving my mental health. I came home before I left for my assignment to grab a few things and went upstairs to the bathroom. I was shimmying my skirt up when I saw the dead mouse/mole/thing on the floor.

I was nearly hysterical, but I managed to pick it up (courtesy of three trash bags) and carry it outside. I was beyond freaked out but relieved that the cat had proven her killer instincts are worth more than chasing a laser pointer. I am also relieved she did not drag it to my bed, which I had feared ever since the day she lined her toys up beside my head while I was still asleep.

For her heroic kill, Drama was rewarded with a new toy and some treats.

0605 016

The new toy is a frog.

0605 018

It even croaks.

0605 020

This is a cat who knows she earned her keep. Well done, friend.