No food pix from today — both my breakfast and lunch were work related, and I was slightly sick from breakfast (grilled cinnamon toast!) so I didn’t really eat dinner. It was the kind of sick I get when I am too full, and moving around always helps. So I went to kickboxing.

I hadn’t gone to kickboxing in a few months because the last time I went, the instructor was having an off day (or maybe I was) and I didn’t get much out of it, so I’d just been doing my regular cardio and outdoor ralking (that’s a run/walk). Tonight, though, I went and it was awesome. I feel ridiculous even typing this but I get so much more out of kickboxing if I picture myself in a street fight with someone I hate. Ridiculous, yes, but it’s such a better work out, so I don’t care.

On Sunday I decided to take strength training a little more seriously and start an actual routine on the weight machines, instead of doing half-assed sets with free weights. I don’t weigh myself regularly so I’m not going to freak out if there’s a weight gain — I guess that’s normal when you start lifting. What I am hoping for it see myself get “tinier” and feel my clothes fit better.

I can’t really keep a set schedule because of my part-time job, but here is what this week looks like:

– Sunday: Back/chest (which included a lot of arms), abs

– Monday: I worked that evening

– Tuesday: Kickboxing (cardio, arms, abs)

– Wednesday: Lots of cardio, legs I’m not so sure you can do legs and mega cardio on the same day, so I’m going to concentrate on cardio and do some scissor kicks and leg lifts on a mat.

– Thursday: Canoe trip (which should mean arms, back and shoulders like whoa!)

– Friday: Cardio, chest/back

What are your strength training routines? I’m considering a Tracy Anderson DVD, too.