Look! Someone is inside my head!

pizza 005

I was going to ralk after my canoe trip, but it started to rain, so I headed to State College to meet Kassia for dinner at Hi-Way Pizza. They have a really great selection of pizza, salads, wings and beers, and it’s not too hard to order healthfully there if you choose wisely.

But the Skinny Pizza is new to the menu. It’s whole wheat pizza crust, fat-free tomato basil sauce, soy cheese and vegetable toppings. You can either choose the mixed veggies toppings (broccoli, zucchini, carrots, peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives) or hand-pick your veggie toppings. It was cheaper to do the mixed veggie option than order a custom Skinny Pizza, so we did that.

pizza 010

I can’t deal with olives or mushrooms, though, so I picked those off. It was delicious. And I have a slice for lunch tomorrow, too!

pizza 011

pizza 007

We asked the waitress to bring us one Blue Moon to share (I’d rather share a few germs and some saliva and spare the calories!) but she was super nice and brought us each a “half” glass — which, as you can see, was closer to a 3/4 glass!

I wish I had photos of the lunch from the canoe trip. It was amazing. Marbled rye bread, meats and cheeses and veggies to choose from, hummus, giant cookies or homemade fruit and nut granola bars. I may have to buy some of that bread!

pizza 012

I have to give Kassia a shout-out here because she solved the mystery of why my food photos are so terrible: I wasn’t using the close-up setting. It’s pathetic, I know, but at least you can look forward to better food pix!