My refrigerator is not running.

If this has never happened to you, you should know it’s a pretty terrible experience to wake up to a big warm box filled with rotten food. I almost threw up three times cleaning it out, sopping up warm chicken blood with paper towels and tossing all of the meat I’d bought on sale into doubled-up garbage bags.

My landlord is going to reimburse me for the food, which I thought was pretty nice — it’s not like it’s his fault it stopped working — but waiting for it to be repaired is just the worst. I have  two coolers filled with what I could salvage sitting in the kitchen and they keep leaking water everywhere which in turn keeps infuriating me because the cat likes to walk through it and track it everywhere.

This happened yesterday, so after I discovered it and the landlord came over, I went to the gym and decided I would make pancakes for brunch when I got home.

0613 005

0613 010

I had to go to my cousin’s wedding that afternoon, so I wanted something that would hold me over until dinner around 5 p.m.

0613 008

I added the chopped walnuts for a little protein. These pancakes were so good (even burnt!)

A couple of exciting things happened today. My friend Melissa picked me up at 7 a.m. and we headed to a quarter-mile track nearby to begin the Couch to 5K challenge. It seems too easy, but I’m going to follow it to a T because I believe what the site says about getting burnt out and discouraged. And although my elliptical zest doesn’t translate to running exactly, I know that my cardio fitness is helping me a lot.

A little later in the day, my mom came for visit and took me to lunch, bought me a dress at Ross (!!!) and several delicious foods from Sam’s Club: a bulk pack of Kashi Go Lean Crunch, a big pack of Kellogg’s Fiber  + Antioxidant bars, a 16-pack of sandwich thins, bottled water (30-pack for $3.88!) and some trail mix. I couldn’t get any frozen stuff because of the refrigerator issues but I was pretty pumped with this haul.

I was too full from our lunch out to eat a real dinner (and I have no real food in the house anyway) so tonight I had one of the bars, some trail mix and a delicious glass of skim milk, courtesy of the lovely cooler in my kitchen.

0614 004

0614 005

I was hungrier than I realized because the bar was half gone before I realized I needed to take a pic, and then my camera battery died! I try not to eat too many of bars like that but they are portable, and sometimes between assignments and two jobs I have to grab what I can, and it is not always an option to take along fruit or even string cheese in the summer heat and humidity.