Because of my lack of refrigeration, I wasn’t able to go to the grocery Sunday, so I ate out Monday’s lunch (Panera), dinner (turkey ciabatta from Sheetz with trail mix) and today’s lunch from Tijuana Flats.


Teri was kind enough to snap a photo for me with her BlackBerry. That is a “powerlite” chicken chimichanga with a side of chips and salsa. You can get things there made “powerlite” for free — it just means they have fat free sour cream and cheese on them, and I always choose the whole wheat tortilla. And yes, I ate the whole beast.

 But I wasn’t hungry the rest of the afternoon — it even powered me through kickboxing, which was different tonight because we boxed with little weights. It was different to punch with 3-pound weights, but I could feel it working my arms and I liked it.

I have a limited number of things to cook with, obviously, given the fridge situation, but I had whole wheat pasta and sauce on hand, so I picked up some turkey cheddar bratwurst and frozen veggies to make my go-to dinner.

0616 005

Instead of pesto tonight’s bowl featured a special guest, my favorite sauce since FOREVER:

0616 001

It is locally made and pepperoni flavored. Which might sound gross but it isn’t. It’s awesome.

I actually put about half the pasta dish back because I wanted to be sure to save room for the ice cream I picked up tonight: Edy’s Slow Churned Yogurt Blend in Tart Honey.

ice cream 001

It was soooooo good! And there’s a little more than a serving there, but it has only 100 calories per half cup! Score!

I have chosen a 5K to work toward: The Goose Day 5K Race on Sept. 26 in Lewistown. Kassia is training, too! We’ll run our race and then head off to our friend Wendy’s wedding.

Tomorrow is a running day and I have to be at the track at 6 a.m. Bed time!