I had a really delicious dinner this afternoon.

0621 001

0621 002

Spicy sweet potatoes fries and barbecue chicken with red onion and reduced fat Mexican shredded cheese on a 100-calorie sandwich thin.

I was disappointed to find that some of my cherries were covered in mold, but it turned out to be only half of the container so I salvaged some of them for dessert.

0621 004

Today marked the end of my first week of the Couch to 5K challenge!

Week 1:

– Sunday: Walking/ralking/jogging different distances

– Monday, Wednesday, Friday a.m. : Jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds for 20 minutes

– Tuesday: Kickboxing

– Thursday: 45 minutes of elliptical intervals, chest and arm strength training

– Friday p.m.:  Went back to the track to see if I could run a full lap, or a quarter mile. Yes, it was pushing ahead, and the program says not to, but I just really, really wanted to see if I could. And I did! Twice! (Although not consecutively.)

– Saturday: off

– Sunday a.m.:  Brisk 1/2 mile warm-up walk,  followed up running a quarter mile then walking a quarter four times (or two miles). I stopped running halfway through the fourth running lap, though. I wasn’t feeling it and I thought back to how the program said not to push it, so I didn’t. End on a high note, I reminded myself. So I ralked the rest of that lap and three more.

– Sunday p.m.: I went to the gym for a light jaunt on the elliptical to loosen my legs. It was the best thing for them! It was weird to be on the machine for only 20 minutes and not at a real high intensity, but it was fun. I also did some core and strength training work.

My thoughts on the week:

+ I am enjoying running and looking forward to this week.

– I get a little frustrated because I feel like I should be able to do way more. When I ran my first quarter mile, I was elated for abotu 15 seconds, then frustrated. Shouldn’t I be able to do way more? No, not according to the program. According to the program I am ahead by about two weeks (they don’t ask you to jog for three minutes until week 3.)

+ It’s nice to have a new workout challenge, though. As much as I love my elliptical machine and cardio classes, I know better than anyone that you have to mix it up or your fitness level suffers.

– I keep wanting to push myself when I run the way I push myself at the gym, but I know I can’t. I’ve been working out on the elliptical for four years and taking cardio classes for three. When I leave the gym I like to hit the point where I am truly exhausted but shy of the point of throwing up — on a good day, I really like to work that hard. But I can’t run that hard yet. I’ve only been running for one week.

– I don’t see how I’m going to go from a quarter mile to running three miles in another seven weeks. But I’m going to keep following the program and see where it leads me.

I would love some input from runners! Any advice, feedback, anything at all.

Also, Melissa over at For the Love of Health is having an amazing giveaway! Check it out.

Have a good week!