I made it to boot camp class tonight. We did lots of plyometrics moves, which I like doing but would never push myself to do.

I ran this morning, even though my running buddy abandoned me for the outlet malls.  I am pretty proud of the fact that I got up at 5:45 a.m., ran, went to work and then made it to boot camp, too. Running the quarter mile seemed easier today, and I noticed a huge difference at boot camp class. When it was my group’s turn to run three laps of the indoor track at the gym, I breezed right through it. It’s a tiny track, but I’d usually go it slow or come back ready to pass out. It’s little but it was all the validation I needed to keep going.

After boot camp I came home and made dinner.

0624 002

Chicken breast with French onion, pepper and herb crust and more spicy sweet potato fries.

0624 006

I do need to eat more greens, though I’ve had them in wraps for lunch every day this week. The sad fact is that I would rather eat fruit than greens! I’m hoping to make it to the farmer’s market tomorrow so we’ll see what I come back with.

I feel like my body is adjusting to running, but one thing that keeps throwing me is my breathing rhythm. I’m not out of breath, but listening to myself breath while running just freaks me out!

Runners: What do I need to know about breathing?