When I saw local goat meat for sale at the farmer’s market, I knew I would have to try it. The sellers had a poster board touting the nutritional benefits of goat — the fact that it had fewer calories per serving than chicken was probably what sold me.

0626 002

Goat meat — or chevon as it is known — is expensive. This was $7 a pound. And I met the woman who raised it.

0626 004

I asked her how it compared to buffalo meat, of which I am a huge fan, and she said it wasn’t as lean. I wasn’t expecting it be so greasy, though!

0626 005

It kind of reminded me of ground pork sausage, with the smell and texture. I put pepper jack cheese and spicy brown mustard on it.

0626 006



0626 008


Of course there were some spicy sweet potato fries on the side. These just hit the spot for all those bad deep-fried goodies during hungry week without being too terribly bad for me.

My goat burger verdict: It was OK, just too greasy for me. I plan to use the rest of it in tacos so it won’t really be an issue. I probably won’t buy goat meat again, but I am glad I tried it. It was more filling than I expected — I didn’t have room for the big bowl of strawberries I was looking forward to.

Have a good Saturday!