Tonight my friend Kassia came over for a celebration: she quit her soul-sucking, god-awful job! Yay!

So we headed to my favorite watering hole for dinner and a drink.

0716 002

We’re both fans of Blue Moon, so the waitress suggested we try Dirty Blonde. We both loved it! I’m far from a beer connoisseur, but this seemed … lighter than Blue Moon. Just generally delicious.

I got my new favorite dish, souvlaki.

0716 004

0716 003

Souvlaki is a general term for grilled meat and vegetables on skewers. I think it’s a Greek dish. Anyway, it’s chicken and tomatoes and red onions with a delicious yogurt-style dressing. Soooo good!

A special night deserves a special treat.

0716 005

Blueberry cheesecake ice cream from the local dairy.

0716 006

Kassia and I have only  been friends since early 2007, but it feels like so much longer. Practically every time we are together we take a “buddy shot” like this one. I want to make a timeline of them — we’ve both changed so much in two years!