I had the most delicious, simple, summertime meal tonight. The photos really don’t do it any justice:

0719 002

0719 004

Tuna and spicy brown mustard on a 100-calorie sandwich thin, strawberries and ear of sweet corn with butter and Old Bay. For some reason I can never photographic justice to any sandwich on a sandwich thin, but they’re best thing since … sliced bread.

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to what I’m eating since my running program is getting more intense. Obviously, running is a lot harder on the body than my beloved elliptical machine, so I feel like if I want it to perform, I should be putting only the best fuel into it.

It was all sort of subconscious until Friday at work, when someone brought doughnuts in in the morning, and then there was cake for an employee who is leaving. I declined both. I wouldn’t make a note of it except both times the same person questioned it and made comments such as, “Wow, you’re sooo good! But cake is soooo good!”

I just found it slightly irritating. I didn’t say “Wow, you’re having cake? Are you sure you should do that?” because I don’t care. Go ahead and have a piece. I like cake, too. I’m  just not having any this time around, and I’m not sure why you’re making an issue of it.

There is a small but informative piece in Women’s Health this month on the Abs Diet. I’ve never been one for any specific diet, but this one used an acronym for foods that promote flat abs.

A – Almonds and other nuts

B – Beans and other legumes

S – Spinach and other greens

D – Dairy

E – Eggs

T – Turkey and other lean meats

P – Peanut butter

O – Olive oil

W – Whole grains

E – Extra protein powder, like whey

R – Raspberries and other berries

I bolded the ones that are regularly part of my diet, and this week, I’m going to work on eating more eggs, an idea I’ve had ever since experiencing Starbucks’ amazing egg white, feta and spinach wrap.

I keep coming up short with greens, and I know I need to do something about it. So I asked for a blender for my birthday so I can start making Green Monsters and get my daily dose of greens. I know myself well enough that I am not going to eat a giant salad and be satisfied with that.  I know that the “five-a-day” recommendation for fruits and veggies is five of either/or, preferably a mix, and mine almost always comes from fruit. I do want to add more veggies, but I’m so picky. I think the Green Monster is a good way to start.

Runners: Any nutrition advice?