Have you ever stumbled upon a bargain so magnificent, it makes your knees go weak?

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Wal-Mart had my favorite cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch!, on sale for $2.68 a box. That’s a decent price, but those boxes were decked out with $1 off coupons, making each box $1.68. I bought five.

To be clear, Kashi has never sent me any coupons, samples or special offers (although if they’d like, I’d be ecstatic to accept.) I tried the cereal after Liza mentioned it as her cereal of choice, and I have been hooked ever since.

Why? It’s delicious. I’m a big cereal fan, but unfortunately, most of the boxed cereals out there today are junk food cereals. Kashi Go Lean Crunch is actually healthy and  it is so filling. There are only a few days out of the month when I require a morning snack after eating a bowl of it.

I’d love to eat egg white omelets and fresh fruit for breakfast, but the truth is that by the time I go running and straighten my hair, I don’t have time to mess with that. I want to get my breakfast in front of me while I read the paper and browse blogs.

My heart flutters every time I walk into the kitchen and see my Kashi stash. I love it!