Something pretty cool happened yesterday: I ran 2 miles non-stop in just over 23 minutes.

It feels a little silly to be so elated about running 2 miles in a blogosphere where even 4 miles is a quick jaunt for most folks, but it was a milestone I thought I’d never hit. The first mile didn’t take long, but going past 1.25 just didn’t feel like it was ever going to happen.

I started running June 14 with the Couch to 5K program. Week Five of the program asks you to run 20 minutes or 2 miles without stopping. I couldn’t, so I’d just go as far as I could and run/walk/run/walk for about 2.5 to 3 miles. It was beyond frustrating. I just wanted to hit that 2 mile mark so bad.  It wasn’t the 10-minute pace that I was striving for, but that’ll come.

My friend Wendy is a former competitive runner and said I’d probably see a lot of progress in the next few weeks, and so far, she’s been right. 🙂

It seems like as I run more, though, there’s an odd lag in my hunger. Like, right after the run, I come home and have a green smoothie, and then I don’t feel hungry for hours. Even when I don’t have the green smoothie, it seems like the hunger takes awhile to kick in. If I run in the evening, sometimes I don’t feel it til the next day.

Runners: Have you experienced a “lag” in hunger like this? It’s not like I’m running a marathon. Am I just odd?