You know what I like almost as much as skinny jeans?


Hot wings, unfortunately.

Last night was the last wing-off of the summer, in which local restaurants offer up their wings for the hefty price of $4 a half dozen. There’s also beer (also overpriced) but it’s outside, there’s live music, tons of people, and of course, you can sample a ton of different flavors. In other words, it rocks.

But the bloaty disgusting feeling I woke up with this morning sure doesn’t. It was the second night this week I’ve had beer, too, so it’s really time for some “detox”:

  •  I woke up early this morning and went for a short power walk around the neighborhood. There are a lots of hills and I moved at a good clip, got a little sweaty toward the end. Not much of a workout, but it got my heart pumping and muscles moving and felt good.
  • Form-fitting clothes. It seems counterintuitive, but I’d feel like a total blob if I wore something a little looser. Something tighter reminds me of my shape and keeps me from even wanting to overindulge.
  • Water. I’ve already had one 16-ounce bottle. I’m going to try to get two more in before lunchtime.
  • Avoid the office party. Rumor has it there will be cocktail weenies, pierogies and brownies at work today, and though I expressed an interest yesterday, I’m going to have to pass today.