Jillian Michaels now has a line of diet pills.

It truly saddens me that a fitness expert I really respected would lend her name to such a product. I’m a huge fan of her work on “The Biggest Loser,” I read any interviews with her I can get my hands on and I own her “30-Day Shred” DVD. I thought she was the real deal, a true champion for healthy living.

I’m not sure why anyone would even consider diet pills. It never even crossed my mind when I weighed 300 pounds. Don’t you think if there were one that worked, everybody would know about it by now and no one would be fat? If it were as simple as popping a magic pill, we’d all be skinny. Not necessarily healthy, but skinny.

There is no magic bullet, and there are no shortcuts. Not even Jillian Michaels can bottle and sell what it takes to make healthy decisions every day.