Last night, I returned to what you might call the scene of the crime: Eat’n Park. Eat’n Park is a regional chain restaurant, and it was one of my favorite places to eat in college — at least before I started working out.

No, Eat’n Park did not make me fat. But I made a lot of poor choices there. I’ve eaten there hundreds of times, but yesterday was the first time I ever visited their Web site to check out their nutrition info. The restaurant offers the nutrition data for its entire menu! It is no one’s fault by your own if you don’t make a healthy, informed choiced at Eat’n Park. I was pleased and very relieved — I had coupons for “free latte with purchase” and Teri and I had dinner plans.

I checked out the menu and had a couple options in mind, but the veggie omelet seemed mostly appealing after my 3.2 mile run. It came with your choice of breakfast potatoes but I substituted a bowl of fruit (not pictured) and whole wheat toast. I also asked for Egg Beaters instead of eggs.

Teri snapped that with her BlackBerry! Thanks, Teri!

It was delicious, and the perfect post run* fuel. And it’s not like it’s the only thing I could have chosen — there were lots of options on the menu, and they even use an “Eat’n Smart” logo next to light dishes in the menu, if you didn’t get to check out the Web site.

*Between the cold weather and early darkness, it is not really an option for me to run outside right now, so I’ve reluctantly made the transition to the treadmill. Mentally, it is difficult, but I find it’s really helping me with my pace, and maybe even building mental “toughness.” Runners — do you use the treadmill in your training? I think it’s going to help me build my mileage during the long, frigid winter.