I didn’t buy many groceries Thanksgiving week, because I knew we’d be eating leftovers and eating out a lot.  But by the time the leftovers ran out, my refrigerator and cupboard were bare. I didn’t have time for a grocery run until tonight, but I thought about what I had left in the freezer and came up with an unbelievably tasty combo:

Two Kashi Heart Healthy waffles, a drizzle of syrup + Boca bruschetta veggie burger = delicious. The Boca burger kinda tastes like sausage, so it was a much healthier alternative to my favorite breakfast meat. I really like sweet and savory combinations, so this was perfect — and surprisingly filling for about 250 calories.

I ran at the gym tonight, the first time in a week. The last time I ran was on Thanksgiving, when I headed out in the early morning fog (it was too cold, and I didn’t even last a mile before I was sprinting back to the house) and then a little later in the morning, when I wanted to play out my mom’s dog, Brinkley, so he would chill out while we ate.

I think this is Brinkley’s first time on the blog. 🙂 He is my fitness partner when I am visiting.

Anyway, between Thanksgiving fun and visits and being under the weather on Monday, it hasn’t been the most active past few days. I did  make it to body sculpting on Tuesday, and I’m still sore from those planks. I need to do those more often — man! I almost talked myself out of running tonight: I needed to go to the grocery, I needed to clean the house, blah blah blah. I’m glad I forced myself to go.

The first day back is always rough, and tonight was no different. It was an entirely mental battle, though — zero physical problems. I’ve found that doing 30 second to 1 minute sprints really mixes things up and makes me feel so strong and fast (even though my “sprint” is a 6.5 mph/9:35 mile :().

Anyway, I’m glad I fought it out for 40 minutes (plus five minute warm-up/five minute cooldown). I think I am going to run a 5K on New Year’s Eve. It’s through a local amusement park’s Christmas lights display and sounds fun, but I’m nervous about running in the cold. I’m going to try to get outside at least twice a week between now and then, I just hate the cold.

How do you survive running in the cold?