That seemed to be the theme of my afternoon and evening, from the four Christmas cookies I couldn’t resist to the post-work trip to the mall that left me famished, irritable and with zero energy for the gym. 😦

Normally I’d be pretty angry at myself, but after Rose’s inspiring post today, I’m trying not to fall into a self-loathing mode. So here’s everything that went right:

Lunch date with a friend

1/2 Cubano sandwich + cup of chicken noodle

Wendy’s salad dressing came in a tiny mug! It was too cute.

Mall finds

My trip to Old Navy was a success — fleece vest for $10 and fleece gloves for $5! I am all set to venture out into the cold tomorrow, unless the giant snowstorm they’re predicting hits overnight. 😦 I’m prepared to brave the cold but treacherous footing? No way.

I also stumbled upon the perfect PJ pants for a food blogger:

When I first started to lose weight I dreamt about replacing my entire wardrobe, and I have actually done that at least twice over, as I’ve undergrown several clothes (this is how I have honed my hardcore bargain shopping skills). I never gave my comfy clothes much thought, but yes, eventually even your lounging pants and T-shirts will be too big. Too-big PJ pants aren’t much of an issue, but I’ve been slowly replacing them along the way — especially when I spot a sweet deal. Those fabulous pants were $4.89. 🙂

Dinner wasn’t anything special, and I was so hungry when I got home that photographing the eats weren’t an option. Two veggie cakes + pita chips and salsa. It worked.

Now I have to bake cookies for a meeting tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday).

What are your weekend plans?