I was less than thrilled when I woke up and discovered last night’s snowfall.

It doesn’t look much, but it was cold and wet outside! It was intimidating, but I just told myself, You wasted good gym time shopping for that new fleece vest and you’ve been itching to run outside and by God, you are going to do it this morning.

The fact that I am planning to run a 5K in 26 days is great motivation, too. I was going to run around the neighborhood, but with a lack of sidewalks and slippery roads, I decided to head to the track. I’m lucky to have found a track that is paved with an slight incline on the one bend — it’s very close to running on the road.

I really wanted to run three miles, but I had my doubts. I told myself even two would be OK if it got too cold — this was my first outdoor run in a few weeks. When I got to the track and saw the bank thermometer down the street said 27 degrees, I wanted to jump back into the car and full-blast heat.

But … I ran three miles in just more than 30 minutes! 😀

I was pretty much the hot mess express afterward — snow piled on my head and then melted down my face on the ride home. Ugh.

Here is what I learned:

  • Running in the cold sucks but is doable
  • Running in horizontal snow really, really sucks
  • If I keep my core and hands warm, the rest of me warms up after about 1.25 miles

It sounds like I’m being a huge sissy about running in the cold, but I am constantly freezing. I think this is another one of those things-no-one-ever-tells-you-about-weight-loss: You will be extremely sensitive to the cold. One of the receptionists at work has maintained a 60-pound weight loss since the ’60s or ’70s, and I asked her if she is always cold. She laughed and said yeah, she and her husband are always fighting over the thermometer, but when she was heavy she was never, ever cold. So I guess that sensitivity never really decreases.

However, once I got home and showered, the snow continued to fall, and honestly, I just find it very depressing and it sort of put a damper on my day. I wanted to stay home and watch the Style Network (100 percent obsessed with “Supernanny,” not gonna lie), but I had to go to my meeting and to my part-time job at the store. One of the people at the meeting took my leftover Liza cookies to his mom’s nursing home, and the thought of that made me happy.

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, are you much more sensitive to the cold than before?