Today started with the best of intentions. I could hear the wind howling outside and didn’t want to run outside, but I knew I would not have the mental willpower to run on the treadmill after working at the store. So, I suited up and headed to the track — only to discovered it was covered in splotches of ice. 😦

I came home and had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, then made lunch.

An old favorite: Turkey burger and salsa + sweet potato fries

I had a mid-day shift at the store, and it totally interuppted my cleaning, cooking and organizing mode. But I did manage to toss some chicken breasts in the slow cooker before I left, and they were nice and brown when I got home.

Rice + carrots + chicken breast pieces = dinner

After work I went to two different stores for a few necessities and gift items. I wrapped up (heh heh) gift shopping for exactly one person on my Christmas list, and birthday shopping for a very special friend and reader (whose cookies were recently featured. 🙂 ) Liza and I are big birthday people!

I have been feeling quite chaotic lately, and I think a healthy lifestyle also includes a degree of organization. I currently have none. 😦 If you saw this post over at Inner Workings of a College Graduate last week, that’s more or less what I’m dealing with (and I am not gutsy enough to post pix of my mess on the Internet!)

 What are your tips for getting — and staying — organized?