Today was a blah kind of day. This is why:

Wet, heavy snow!

That’s my road. It’s a hill and also serves as a line between city and township, which means that neither really feels it is responsible to plow it. I had a sinking feeling when I went outside to grab the paper, and I was right: My car got stuck halfway out on the road. 😦

My first inclination was to turn the car off, abandon it in the road and walk the mile to my favorite little diner, but the adult in me stomped back to the porch and got a shovel. I was digging away when some nice man who only gave his name as “Sparky” stopped and dug me out and then pushed the car out.

I was happy that such a kind stranger helped me out, but snow just gets me down. I hit a mental wall around 3 p.m. and decided to skip the gym. My house was (well, still mostly is) a mess and I needed to attend to some long-neglected housework.

The blahness carried over into dinner

Small-ish turkey burger with 1/2 slice of colby cheese and spicy mustard. Not pictured are the pita chips + salsa that I devoured as soon as I got home that killed my appetite.

Lack of appetite or not, I was going to try to eat my red pummelo tonight, which is kind of like a giant grapefruit. It was on sale at Martin’s.

For size comparison: the pummelo is huge! Unfortunately, it is also ridiculously hard to eat, or at least, it was for me. It took forever to peel, and then I was left with this mess:

It did not easily break into sections like other citrus fruit, and I nibbled the few bites I could glean from the monster before dumping 99 percent of it into the trash. 😦 I hate to waste!

I have a feeling I’m in for another mess in the morning — it’s raining, and they’re saying the temperature will drop into the 20s overnight! Ugh.

I know it doesn’t make sense to get so angry over the weather, but honestly, I can pretty much feel my blood pressure rise when it comes to snow/ice/cold weather. And that’s not healthy. It’s also a little ridiculous because I grew up in this area and am no stranger to bad weather, although driving in it has always scared me.  But now that I’m an active person who’d rather be outside, it makes me crazy! I’m so jealous of the Southern bloggers who can exercise outside right now!

How do you get over the weather blues?