I love Carrie Underwood. Love her. So I was beyond pumped when a Self magazine publicist sent out an e-mail that she is featured in the January issue, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. So imagine my delight when I came home and it was in my mailbox!

I’m a Carrie fan for several reasons:

  • I completely adore country music (all the pre-sets in my car are tuned to country, except for one, and it used to be a country station but recently switched to classic rock and I don’t have another station to replace it)
  • She seems very down-to-Earth in her interviews
  • Her outfits always walk that fine line between stylish and quirky (See the style timeline in Self)
  • And of course, her post-Idol body makeover

All it takes is a quick Google image search to see that she didn’t come out of Oklahoma looking like that! She wasn’t fat by any standard on “Idol,” but she’s really toned up since she was on the show. No, I don’t have the personal trainers or chef that she  might have, but I’m still inspired by her makeover. I think she looks tiny but healthy.

I also have a photo of Kelly Ripa on my fridge, not in an obsessive-eating-disorder-kind-of way (because frankly, you cannot starve yourself and have Kelly Ripa’s ripped physique) but in more of an encouraging, inspiring way.

I know that the odds are pretty good that I will never have the body of Kelly Ripa or Carrie Underwood, but I still find their transformations inspiring. Which fit celebrities inspire you?