You never know when you are going to get that call.

I received a phone call Wednesday night that one of my college friends, Turley, was found dead. We don’t have any details and there is lots of speculation, but we don’t think it was intentional.

In August I took a long weekend to visit Turley in her D.C. apartment. We hadn’t seen each other in two years and didn’t speak often, but when we did, it was as if no time had passed. When I was in D.C., we took a mini-road trip to Woodbridge to go to IKEA and went to the Pentagon City Mall so she could get a new BlackBerry. She got me into her gym and we took kickboxing on a Sunday morning.

The best part of that weekend was our dinner with Rose and Bill. We were all editors on our college newspaper together, just a bunch of misfits on some weird wavelength, like all journalists. Rose wrote a really nice post about our time together and we all said we should get together more often.

Instead of hanging out with Turley over the holidays like we’d talked about, I will be attending her funeral services. Cherish your family, friends, loved ones. Because you just never know.