I hadn’t seen Kassia since right before Labor Day — she’s been busy bouncing up and down the East Coast, from Pennsylvania to South Carolina to New Hampshire and back. It’s a long story. 😉

We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Otto’s.

Otto’s is a microbrewery with really great food. The restaurant specializes in (mostly) local, seasonal foods, so the only downside is that you can’t get the same delicious food you’d get in the summer (which is too bad, because I had my heart set on a tomato and mozzarella sandwich).

We can’t go there without getting the crab dip.

And then we split the Monday night special: beer-grilled barbecue chicken pizza.

And we split an apricot wheat beer … we had the same beer on my birthday — it is delicious!

After all that, we were stuffed, but we weren’t ready to leave, so we had to split a dessert, too.

It was so great to see Kassia and catch up. I didn’t have many (OK, any) friends in high school, so I don’t take the friendships I forged in college and different jobs for granted. Kassia and I don’t see each other often — and we only lived in the same county for six months — but when we do get together, it is like no time has passed at all.

Still, all the celebrating is starting to get to me. I was uncomfortably full the whole ride home, and I regretted each cheesy, creamy, rich, indulgent bite. It all started on Wednesday night, with a super fun visit from Rose and her boyfriend, Bill (which you can read all about here). I was very stressed on Sunday afternoon from being away from my normal eating and exercise routines, and I know that things won’t be back to normal until around Jan. 4 (a whole week away!) Besides my 5K race on New Year’s, I have company coming in and a party to attend, and Kassia and I might meet up again on Saturday, if our schedules work out.

But I am kind of over all of this regret. I know that I will be eating and living normally again soon, and these celebrations are something to be treasured, not regretted. I need to remember that when I am obsessing and freaking out.

How do you handle the holidays when it comes to food?