I picked up my race packet for my New Year’s Eve 5K, and I am lucky No. 766. 728 is my birthday, but 7 is just plain lucky, right? 🙂

After I got my packet, I went to Wal-Mart (ugh, mistake) and then came home for dinner. I know it is not really necessary to carb load before a 5K, but I ate pasta the night before my first one, and it went well, so I had pasta tonight for good luck.

 1/2 cup multi-grain, omega 3 pasta with 1 chicken sausage link

The links are delicious and only 110 calories each. I microwaved mine because the packages said that was OK, but in the future I’ll probably pop them on the George Foreman grill.

Plus some of my favorite pasta sauce, Healthy Choice Garlic and Herb.

Mmmmm, steamy.

My only goal for this race is to run the whole thing and not walk, like I did in Johnstown. I’m glad I had that bad experience, though, because now I know how bad things can go. I’m hoping for a positive experience like my first 5K.

I want to feel like that again.