I wasn’t going to a year-end recap, because I haven’t been the best blogger this year and don’t have many posts to comb through. But I’d like to do this for my own reference and also as encouragement so that, going forward, I’m reminded of one reason why I blog — it’s like a personal history tome.


The only resolution I made in 2009 was to take more photos, but I didn’t take any in January. Some time between these two months, I discovered Rose’s blog and really wanted to start my own, but wasn’t sure if I had the time, commitment or know-how. Looking through my photo files from February, one of the highlights was when Kassia came to visit and we went to see Wendy’s house for the first time.


I quietly started Fashionably Fit after my trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show with some of my favorite people/former coworkers. I told Rose about my blog and she graciously introduced to me her readers. My cousin Jodi got married and I traveled to Harrisburg for a bridal shower and met up with Kassia for breakfast on the way home. 


My mother, sister and I made a bunny cake named Blanche for Easter.


I was the maid of honor in my friend Melissa’s wedding and traveled to Gettysburg to accept three journalism awards.


My cousin Jerry got married (and I wish I had a photo of his bride’s gorgeous pink gown) and I started running the next day. (I didn’t remember it until I read that post, but that was also the same weekend my refrigerator broke and all of my food rotted.)


At the beginning of the month, I caught up with Kelsey over July 4 weekend. At t the end of the month, I turned 25! And celebrated Kassia’s departure from central Pennsylvania.


I started a new position at work. I interviewed Sally Struthers when she performed at a local venue. I went to DC to visit my friend Turley and caught up my with favorite food blogger and her boyfriend.


September was a big month! I met my boyfriend, ran  my first 5K, and my friend Wendy got married. Also, my trusty Kodak EasyShare, which had been my faithful companion for more than four years died unexpectedly — and inconveniently — the morning of my race.


The first weekend of the month, I was mentally defeated in my second 5K race. Later in the month, I went to Jacksonville to visit the boyfriend!  (It is a long story, but it will suffice to say that he lives in Florida, I live in Pennsylvania, we’re from the same hometown and we met through his mom.) This trip marked my first airplane trip and first trip to beach (yep, at the ripe old age of 25). On Halloween, I went to a party with Liza dressed up as the Harvest Prom Queen.


Boyfriend came to Pennsylvania and we celebrated Thanksgiving and his birthday (which were on the same day!) with both our families.


A lot of great things happened in December, but one truly tragic event occurred in the middle of the month: My friend Turley passed away unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm.

Rose and Bill came to visit and we had a kitty playdate, I celebrated an amazing Christmas in my hometown with my family and the boyfriend’s family. The day after Christmas, I caught up with my friend Kelsey; a few days later Kassia and I exchanged Christmas presents at our favorite local restaurant. On New Year’s Eve, I set a new 5K PR and my friend Sam came to visit. It wasn’t really documented on the blog, but I also ate too much this month and didn’t have enough time to exercise as much as I’d like.

Going forward

Blogging is something I’ve struggled with because for years, I only read blogs to make fun of them. It wasn’t until Rose turned me on to food blogs that I realized the power of the blogging community. I love reading food/fitness/health blogs because they’re both inspiring and motivating, and if my story can help one other person, then I consider it a success. My mother pointed out that most people I know — family, friends, acquaintances, most of the population — do not eat the way I do or view food and fitness the way I do, and she is right. But the food blog community does, and that’s why I’m excited to be an active part of it in 2010.