Yesterday, I had lunch at Uno’s, because Sam was in town and I wanted to treat him with a gift card I’d won in a drawing at work.

I don’t eat at Uno’s often but I love their Web site because it gives such comprehensive nutrition info and makes it easy to order a healthy dish. Their menu says they were recently named America’s Healthiest Chain Restaurant by Health magazine.

I had the harvest grain vegetable flatbread pizza. It comes with salsa but I asked for tomato sauce instead.

According to the company’s Web site, the pizza has 3 servings and 320 calories per serving. I had half the pizza at lunch, for 480 calories. I brought the other half home in a box and was more excited than one probably should be for the leftovers, because I wanted to try a reheating technique the boyfriend has been raving about.

In a skillet! Neither of us is a master chef, so maybe this is something everyone but us knows about. He said it even brought leftover frozen pizza back to life. I was excited to try it because I could picture my veggie pizza turning to mush in the microwave.

Tyler advised me to preheat the skillet on low for a few minutes. This was easier said than done because I have an old gas stove that is either “off” or on “high.” I kept the flame as low as I could and when the skillet was warm, I slid two of my pizza slices in.

The cheese wasn’t melting, but my crust was turning black, so I turned the skillet off and put a lid on it for a few minutes, and presto! Practically fresh leftover pizza.

Salsa + pizza = the lazy veggie hater’s way of getting in more vegetables

We’ve had more terrible winter weather today and it sapped my energy for awhile, but I did manage to get all of my holiday decorations taken down and put away. My organizational efforts have been coming along, but I have a few more things to cross off my Saturday to-do list.

Speaking of lists, tomorrow I’ll post my 2010 resolutions.