Mmmmm, burger.

I have an appointment to give blood today, and I don’t want to be rejected for low iron like I was in November, so I used it as an excuse to eat a burger.

Actually, this is extra lean ground beef, which has 4 percent fat and only 140 calories in a 4 oz. serving (fewer than those in a turkey burger!) Unfortunately, extra lean ground beef costs almost $4 a pound, so this is the last beef I will be enjoying for some time.

I’m working an odd shift today, so between that and the blood donation (fingers crossed!) I had to mix up my meals a little bit. My meal plan for the day:

  •  Banana + peanut butter (pre-gym snack)
  •  Burger on sandwich thin, orange and pickles (breakfast?)
  • Snack (depending on the blood drive’s canteen offerings)
  • Kashi, greek yogurt, orange (lunch?)
  • Banana (snack)
  • Last of my pizza leftovers, one serving tortilla chips + salsa (dinner)

A burger for breakfast? Surely this will be a good day!