I have a new “trainer.”

On Sunday I started doing Shape’s Ultimate Bikini Body Workout DVD, which is choreographed and hosted by fitness expert Dominique Hall. I originally picked up the DVD as Christmas gift for someone else and went back and bought myself a copy, too. I guess it was released in stores in spring 2009, but I had never heard of it.

Workout DVDs are something I avoided for a long time, because I am genuinely a gym person. I like getting dressed to go the gym, working out there, using all of the different equipment. But as soon as the New Year’s resolution crowd takes over, I want to scream and hurl dumb bells across the room. I know — I was new once, too. But crowds of clueless people make my hair stand on end.

I didn’t read any reviews before buying the DVD. I chose it because a) it was $10 and included a free one-year subscription to Shape magazine and b) it sounded a lot like the body sculpting classes I love, which my gym offers inconveniently at 10 a.m. weekdays (who is free at that hour? Trophy wives and third-shift nurses, I guess).

Well, this is one DVD that is more than worth the price of admission. Hall’s 30 minute total body workout combines cardio and sculpting moves. None of the moves are repeated, which is key for me, because I get bored easily. There are modifications for beginners, but I feel like this workout is perfect for me, at an intermediate fitness level. I can do all of the moves, but I can’t do all of the reps. In other words — there is room for me to grow with this workout.

After Sunday’s workout, my glutes, hamstrings and shoulders were sore all day Monday and Tuesday. I did the 30-minute total body workout again tonight (Tuesday), and I’m feeling great — but muscles always do when they’re warm, right? I shudder to think what tomorrow will bring, but to me, soreness is a delicious feeling. It means I’m working hard.

The DVD also includes a 10-minute abs/core session, 10-minute butt/legs strength session and 10-minute cardio workout. I did the abs/core session on Sunday, and my middle was on fire. I’d try the butt/legs session tonight, but I’d like to be able to walk tomorrow.