This is my cat, Drama.

You may remember Drama from such posts as the first time she killed a mouse and the time she met Rose’s cat Scone. Well, Drama has achieved blog notoriety once again.

 She chewed the ear phones on my new mp3 player! 😦 I had planned to replace them at some point because they are the kind that go in the ear. At first I thought they’d be a one-way ticket to hearing loss, but they were high quality enough that I didn’t have to jack the volume way up. So I wasn’t going to replace them for a long time.

Even though I’m upset I’ll have to replace the headphones, I was a little relieved to discover that’s all she had between her little (OK, large) paws when I woke up. I heard her chewing and I thought, If she has a mouse I am going to faint and when I come to, I am going to call the landlord in a fit of rage (Drama’s mouse count is four for the year).

I’m also relieved it wasn’t the USB cord to my new camera because those are expensive. However, Drama has been imprisoned in the bathroom for the day until I can secure all chargers/USB cords/etc. I’m not sure what’s with the newfound chewing obsession, but I’m not taking any chances.

See you at dinner with a slow cooker recipe!