Today I had my first-ever polarity therapy session.

Pardon the smudge on my lens … I’ll have to clean that

My friend Megan is studying massage at a wellness institute in the area, and she has to practice on at least three people each week. I was all too excited to be one of her guinea pigs, and she brought her portable massage table over and set it up in my living room this afternoon.

This week’s lesson was on polarity therapy, which I had never heard of. According to, which is run by the American Polarity Therapy Association, polarity therapy is the assessment of a person’s energetic attributes.

Wait, what?

Basically, Megan explained to me that polarity therapy connects different energy points in your body. The massage therapist puts pressure on different energy points throughout the body, two at a timee, to connect the points and get energy coursing through the body.

It sounds like a lot of New Age jabber, but as Megan applied pressure to my energy points, they got really, really warm, and it felt good, though I couldn’t feel any energy running through my system. APTA says that people have lots of different reactions to polarity therapy. I didn’t feel any burst of energy, but I did feel very relaxed afterward.

After the polarity therapy session, Megan gave me a Shiatsu massage, which targets the body’s meridians, or energy channels. I felt very relaxed during and after this session — I almost fell asleep!

I’m not sure what I believe about polarity therapy or Shiatsu, but it was very relaxing and very interesting to learn about some holistic health treatments.

What do you think of energy therapy? Would you be willing to try it?