Were you able to guess what I brought back from the Pennsylvania Farm Show?

 Nope, it wasn’t a breeding stock lamb, but this girl sure was cute.

I purchased two farm fresh giant pickles from the Pa. Vegetable Growers Association stand. They were $1.25 each or two for $2, and I love a bargain. 😉 The pickles were quite fragrant, and by the time we got home, my purse and its entire contents smelled of pickles! Mmmm, pickles.

A spear from one of my giant pickles was the perfect complement to my turkey burger + salsa

As was pumpkin yogurt, which I’ve been meaning to try for awhile, since I always salivate over its near daily appearances on Healthy Tipping Point.

How was your weekend, blog friends? I have never been able to find a balance between productivity and relaxation, and this weekend was no exception. But I did have something super fun waiting for me when I got home Saturday evening:

My goodies from winning Total Fit Girl’s US Weekly giveaway! Score. I can’t wait to try the workout DVD. 🙂 It included such a sweet thank you note — thank you, Kim!

While I was photographing my TFG goods, it occurred to me that I never publicly thanked Katie for the awesome prize I won from her first giveaway at Legally Fit to Wed:

It has been  my constant companion since it arrived last Saturday. Thanks again, Katie. 🙂

I won these two blog giveaways within two weeks of each other, and I have a history of winning things, starting with a coloring contest at McCrory’s Five & Dime when I was 4 years old (it wasn’t a judge of coloring skills; it was a drawing of entry forms). I even won some sort of drawing for a Rugrats T-shirt from Nickelodeon when I was 8. Do you believe in luck? Are you lucky?