When I discovered Anna and I live in the same town, I was excited but a little nervous. I’d never met anyone from the interweb, like I told Anna; Rose and I were friends IRL (sorry, I love Web speak) long before we were tight in the healthy living blogosphere.

Anna posted about our lunch date and said it kind of felt like a blind date. That’s how I felt, too! But it was great to rant and rave about the blog world — let’s face it, friends, it can be a strange place. 😉

Anna mid-sentence. I loved her cardigan!

I always get the same thing at Panera because I love it so much: Mediterranean veggie sandwich and French onion soup.

After work I came home and finished my cake balls, which had been chilling in the freezer. The first time I made cake balls for Christmas, I did the red velvet, but this time around I used a strawberry cake mix and vanilla frosting as an early Valentine’s Day treat. They are so easy but so fancy and delicious.

Then they went swimming in chocolate.

All packed up and ready to delight.

Have a good weekend, all. I may be doing dinner at the home of the world’s largest hamburger tonight. See you Sunday! 🙂