About two feet fell over the weekend and some other ungodly amount is falling and blowing and drifting right now. The roads are mess, and I believe there is VIP seating in hell reserved for the municipal workers who continue to plow my driveway shut.

But in addition to my snow-induced stress, I leave for Florida on Saturday and am nowhere near ready. I have a few things to pick up (quart size Ziploc bags, other odds and ends) and wanted to find a few cute new tops to wear, too. It looks like it will be mostly jeans-and-jacket weather, which is A-OK with me because I recently acquired a cute purple trench at TJMaxx, and it will be a welcome change from flailing through three-foot snow drifts. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my roots bleached and eyebrows waxed, but if it doesn’t stop blizzarding, I may have to cancel.

Between my trip anxieties and raging hormones, all I want to eat are carbs and chocolate (if I could eat M&Ms and bagels for the next few days and still fit into a plane seat, let alone my jeans, I would). I was too wound up to plan any meals this week, so I bought a bunch of Healthy Choice frozen dinners, and they’re just not that satisfying. I was ranting about all of the above at work yesterday, and my coworker offered to bring me some of the Weight Watchers Italian wedding soup she made.

She packaged it up and brought it to work in a takeout container for me. I just thought it was such a nice gesture.

She made the turkey meatballs, too. It was delicioius!

I wish I could take pretty photos of fabulous place settings like some of my favorite bloggers do, but the truth is that my kitchen table and placemats are buried under old mail, newspapers and random pieces of jewelry I discard as soon as I get home. I like to clean before leaving on any sort of trip because it’s stressful to return to a messy house, but I just don’t know if I’ll have time before I leave.

Instead of stressing over that, I’m focusing on other things, like our Valentine plans, going to the beach and dinners at The Row and Seasons 52 (we’re planning a day trip to Orlando, so I e-mailed Caitlin for restaurant recommendations … we’re both excited to try it).

Are you also unfortunate enough to live in the path of the monster storms? Are you ready to scream, too?